Hanna Preuss

Born in Poland, Hanna Preuss is many things. Musician, sound designer and professor of sound design, creates sonorous compositions for various artistic environments ranging from theatre, film and modern dance to visual arts, photography, architecture and design. In addition to being a freelance artist and a master of sound who has had a huge impact on Slovenian film over the past three decades, she is a brilliant teacher. Her technical perfection, professionalism as well as her emotional charge and endless creativity has given Slovenian film a new acoustic countenance. Preuss has worked with and influenced several generations of Slovenian filmmakers and created over 100 films; she has also been a prime mover in the international success of Slovenian cinematography and her work has received more than twenty awards. At that Preuss received the Mayor of Ljubljana’s “Župančič” award for extraordinary
achievements in Slovenian culture.

Recently Hanna Preuss has been engaged in the creation of sound compositions for the theatre and visual installations. The result is a most beautiful world of sound and movement which functions on stage as if it were a film.
 -- Maja Weiss, Association of Slovenian Filmmakers

In February 2006 she founded "Hanna's Atelier for Sonorous Art" through that she explores the power of sonoric matters in film and performance and also puts a spotlight to the importance of sound in every day's life, sounds of our subconsciousnes.