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Hanna's Atelier for Sonorous Arts Ljubljana is a comprehensive center for the exploration, creation, development and promotion of sound arts and related disciplines in Slovenia and abroad.

Latest Projects

The Atelier's programs and activities include:

1.    workshops – designed for students of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels, the workshops focus on the role of sound in perception and in the evocation of emotion and meaning in an artistic context.
2.    research – students and professionals who desire to learn new technologies, to work with high-caliber mentors and professionals in the field of Sound Arts can participate in research activities offered through the Atelier.
3.    interdisciplinary creative projects – Hanna Preuss collaborates with a wide range of arts from theatre, film, contemporary dance, visual arts, graphic design. Several projects per year will be organized in interdisciplinary context to find new crossroads between sound arts and these disciplines working in various contexts and settings
4.    exhibitions and installations – the presentation of works created through the Atelier.
5.    recordings – Sound Arts can be preserved through the traditional means of recording. Through distribution of these recordings, the work of the Atelier is also furthered.
6.    lectures – philosophical, psychological, aesthetic, social, cultural, technological and theoretical aspects of sound arts and sound design can be explored through lecture series with invited local and international guests, to further the dialogue and development of sound arts.

Through these activities the following main objectives are addressed:
1.    Exploration – through educational and research activities, the role, function and meaning of sound arts in individual, social, interpersonal, cultural and artistic contexts can be more fully understood and cultivated
2.    Creation – To contribute to the cultural richness of the Slovene space and its place in Europe and leave an important heritage and legacy to young generations.
3.    Development – The Atelier exists to put the appreciation, understanding and value of sound arts in a priority position as well as to further the methods and resources used for the creation of sound arts.
4.    Promotion – All activities of the Atelier are focused upon the role of Sound Arts in context with other artistic disciplines, striving to create projects that reveal new possibilities in Sound Arts and to positively position sound arts in the eyes of artists, general public and funding institutions.

Hanna Preuss
Marko Ipavec
Jaro Jelovac
Jeremi Slak
Luka Umek
Jaka Šimenc
Luka Curk
Hanna Slak
Guillaume Cailleau
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